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After Fire

One in five new recruits to the U.S. armed forces is a woman, and women are the fastest growing group of veterans. With intimate access to the lives of three women veterans in Texas, After Fire is a 90-minute theatrical observational documentary that throws a spotlight on the human toll of problems like rape in the military, combat injuries and VA dysfunction, telling a universal story about strength in the aftermath of trauma. Leo Eaton is producer for Transform Films. Coming in 2017

Weekend in Havana

This one-hour documentary follows architectural enthusiast, raconteur and television host Geoffrey Baer as he takes his first trip to Havana, Cuba, to explore why this island nation still holds such fascination for Americans, even after a half-century embargo. Now Americans are again coming to rediscover the unique and seductive magic that is Cuba, a culture both excitingly contemporary and frozen in time. On the streets of Havana, Geoffrey Baer meets dancers, musicians, historians and storytellers who lead him deeper into Cuban culture as he introduces American audiences to this island nation with the same wit, passion and wide-eyed curiosity that has attracted fans across America to his previous 10 THAT CHANGED AMERICA TV specials.

The Story of China

6 one-hour programs with Michael Wood, sequel to the successful 2009 The Story of India. It is both a chronological narrative and an adventurous exploration on the ground to show how China’s past provides a context for China’s present. With a strong emphasis on participation scenes, Michael Wood reveals the distinctive genius and character of China over the millennia. How will China’s past define the future when it is one of the world’s economic and military superpowers? This is the big question Michael Wood sets out to answer in this BBC/PBS co-production that will air late in 2015. Leo Eaton is executive producing for Maya Vision International.