In Search of Ancient Ireland

In Search of Ancient IrelandVisit the website on PBS

(3 one-hour programs that span the life of Ireland from the Stone Age to the Norman invasions of the 11th Century AD. Ancient Ireland is the land of Celtic mysticism, mythical heroes, shamrocks, and St. Patrick. But what is truth and what is legend? To find out, IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT IRELAND journeys across the centuries to explore fabled Erin’s remarkable past and uncover the real story behind the island nation’s rich global legacy. Through modern-day festivals, surviving ceremonies, story-tellers, street performers, compelling experts and stunning location photography, this series finds modern-day parallels to tell the story of four thousand years of history. Narrated by noted Irish actor Gerard McSorley, the series was an RTE (Ireland)/PBS co-production. Leo Eaton series produced, wrote and directed for Eaton Creative (as CafĂ©), WNET and Little Bird Television.

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