History Programs

Eaton Creative produces many different programming genres, but history – especially that area where past and present meet – is President/CEO Leo Eaton’s passion. Eaton has worked with famed British historian Michael Wood on the majority of his projects for more than 15 years. While Eaton has an extensive track record with high-end dramatic reenactment, he and Wood prefer to bring history alive by finding scenes in the present to parallel and creative a living link with the past. All programs listed below make use of this “history in the present” style of filmmaking.

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The Story of India

The Story of IndiaVisit the website on PBS

6 one-hour programs with Michael Wood. An epic journey to uncover the fabulous sights and sounds, the dazzling achievements and the dramatic history of the world’s oldest, richest and most influential civilisation. Yet India’s also a rising military and economic powerhouse, set to become one of the leading world economies of the 21st Century. How did India come to be? What is India? Where is India going? These are the big questions Michael Wood sets out to answer in this BBC/PBS co-production. Airing on PBS Fall 2008. Leo Eaton executive producing for Maya Vision International.

Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton

Rediscovering Alexander HamiltonA 90-minute special hosted by Richard Brookhiser that examines different facets of Alexander Hamilton’s character to see why he became one of the most influential and controversial of America’s founding fathers. Brookhiser goes looking for Hamilton in the present, finding people, places and events that offer parallels and context for the desperate and exciting times in which he lived. For PBS distribution in 2011, Leo Eaton is Executive Producer for Manifold Productions.

In Search of Ancient Ireland

In Search of Ancient IrelandVisit the website on PBS

(3 one-hour programs that span the life of Ireland from the Stone Age to the Norman invasions of the 11th Century AD. Ancient Ireland is the land of Celtic mysticism, mythical heroes, shamrocks, and St. Patrick. But what is truth and what is legend? To find out, IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT IRELAND journeys across the centuries to explore fabled Erin’s remarkable past and uncover the real story behind the island nation’s rich global legacy. Through modern-day festivals, surviving ceremonies, story-tellers, street performers, compelling experts and stunning location photography, this series finds modern-day parallels to tell the story of four thousand years of history. Narrated by noted Irish actor Gerard McSorley, the series was an RTE (Ireland)/PBS co-production. Leo Eaton series produced, wrote and directed for Eaton Creative (as Café), WNET and Little Bird Television.

In Search of Myths & Heroes

In Search of Myths & Heroes4 one-hour programs, written & hosted by Michael Wood, seeking the history and the journeys behind four of the world’s greatest myths. Programs are JASON & The Golden Fleece, Shangri-La, The Queen of Sheba, and The Search for Arthur. Aired in UK on BBC-2 in February 2005. Aired on PBS November 2005. Leo Eaton executive producing for Maya Vision International.

In Search of Shakespeare

In Search of Shakespeare4 one-hour programs in which writer/host Michael Wood, with the help of the Royal Shakespeare Company and other insightful experts, unravels the mystery surrounding the life of this ‘most famous Englishman’. Through his plays and the turbulent times in which he lived, Wood brings Shakespeare into focus. Leo Eaton executive produced this BBC/PBS co-production for Maya Vision International.