Contemporary Factual Programs

Leo Eaton and Eaton Creative have been producing contemporary factual programs for more than 20 years, dealing with subjects of importance to American and international audiences. And long before reality programming became the TV fashion, Eaton Creative (as Café Inc.) was producing fly-on-the-wall documentary series where camera crews lived with particular groups of people for long enough to get inside their lives. Eaton Creative specializes in such action reality shows, where a combination of good characters and spectacular action provides consistently good ratings for commissioning networks.

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Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler

6 one-hour programs, hosted by best-selling author Bruce Feiler, that take American viewers on some of the most celebrated, challenging and spectacular religious pilgrimages in the world. Each hour follows modern pilgrims on their Journeys of Faith – on the Hajj to Mecca, in the footsteps of Moses and Jesus in the Israel, to the Kumbh Mela in India, Lourdes in France, Shikoku in Japan, and the Osun Osogbo Festival in Nigeria. They are taking part in the same profound and moving sacred journeys that people have taken for hundreds, often thousands of years. Each is a compelling journey that reveals powerful emotional stories, ancient religious traditions, and breathtaking locations across four continents. Leo Eaton is Series Director for WGBH in Boston. Coming to PBS in December, 2014.

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Homeland: Immigration In America

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3 one-hour programs for PBS that explore immigration reform, one of the most polarizing issues facing America today. Viewed from the perspective of America’s heartland, the series presents contemporary stories of immigrants and those who confront them, people who help them and those who craft legislation to oppose them. Compelling stories from both legal and illegal immigrants, juxtaposed with interviews from top political leaders and policy experts from across the political spectrum, reveal the complex economic, political, personal and cultural dilemmas that go far beyond the news headlines where immigration reform is usually portrayed as simple choices of right and wrong, legal or illegal, good or bad for America. Leo Eaton is executive producer and creative designer for the Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis, MI.

Can the Gulf Survive?

Can the Gulf Survive?

Leo Eaton was one of several producers commissioned by National Geographic’s flagship series ‘Explorer’ to cover the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Eaton and his crews filmed in the Gulf for more than a month at the height of the crisis with unprecedented access to US Coast Guard clean-up operations, drilling the relief well, NOAA research vessels charting the spread of the oil, and BP’s ‘Source Control’ in Houston, where the Nat Geo crew were the only media present during the final sealing of the well. Against the backdrop of potential environmental catastrophe, Can The Gulf Survive follows scientists, oil workers and cleanup crews as they race against time to stop the flow of oil.

America at a Crossroads

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A major 12-hour public television event hosted by veteran newsman Robert MacNeil. The series, which premiered on PBS over six consecutive nights in April 2007, explores the challenges confronting America in the post-9/11 world – including the war on terrorism; the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; the experience of American troops serving abroad; the struggle for balance within the Muslim world; and global perspectives on America’s role overseas. Seven additional America at a Crossroads special programs will roll out on PBS through the fall of 2007 and winter/spring of 2008. Produced through WETA, Leo Eaton is Series Producer.

Cowboy 101

A series of 13 half-hour reality programs that follow the fortunes of a college rodeo team in West Texas throughout a fall semester. This small college has been national champions many times in the past — it’s where American college rodeo was born — but in recent decades its success has been limited. Now a new young coach hopes to turn things around, although too many parties and a number of wild freshman cowboys and cowgirls end up making his job increasingly difficult. Hosted by cowboy poet Red Steagall and produced by Eaton Creative for WETA.

Mission Impossible – The Shuttle Astronauts

Mission Impossible - The Shuttle AstronautsOne-hour special that follows the trouble plagued astronauts of STS-101 on their mission to repair the ailing International Space Station. From first mission assignment through training at the Johnson Space Center and Star City in Russia, Leo Eaton’s crew lived alongside the astronauts for more than a year until the Shuttle Atlantis finally blasted off, the Space Station was lifted to a higher orbit and the crew came safely home. An Eaton Creative (as Café) production for A&E’s Investigative Reports.