60-minute ‘after school’ drama special that follows the adventures of 12-yeear-old Cassie and her 10-year old brother Dean, as they use science to solve problems at school, home and across their Pittsburgh neighborhood. After failing a math test and almost missing the chance to compete in a televised Science Bowl because she and her classmates are too tired, Cassie and Dean realize that neither her classmates or family get enough sleep on a regular basis. After a series of adventures and misadventures, Cassie’s scientific problem-solving helps her family get a good night’s sleep and her class win the science Bowl. The initial “Are You Sleeping” after-school special is also the pilot for the upcoming SCIENTASTIC series to be produced in 2015. Leo Eaton directed and co-created SCIENTASTIC, which is produced by Planet Earth Television Inc., and distributed in the US by American Public Television (APT).

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