Children & Wildlife Programs

Over the past decade, Leo Eaton and Eaton Creative have worked on a variety of wildlife and children’s shows, a selection of which are listed below. Over this period, Eaton also worked closely closely with wildlife filmmakers and biologists Martin and Chris Kratt to develop a unique combination of comedy and wildlife for children and adults, co-creating (with the Kratt brothers), executive producing and frequently directing more than 80 hours of programming for PBS and the National Geographic Channel. All the series listed below have aired in more than 30 countries around the world while Eaton’s programs with the Kratt Brothers have three times won the “Best Children’s Film” award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival.

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60-minute ‘after school’ drama special that follows the adventures of 12-yeear-old Cassie and her 10-year old brother Dean, as they use science to solve problems at school, home and across their Pittsburgh neighborhood. After failing a math test and almost missing the chance to compete in a televised Science Bowl because she and her classmates are too tired, Cassie and Dean realize that neither her classmates or family get enough sleep on a regular basis. After a series of adventures and misadventures, Cassie’s scientific problem-solving helps her family get a good night’s sleep and her class win the science Bowl. The initial “Are You Sleeping” after-school special is also the pilot for the upcoming SCIENTASTIC series to be produced in 2015. Leo Eaton directed and co-created SCIENTASTIC, which is produced by Planet Earth Television Inc., and distributed in the US by American Public Television (APT).

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Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos

Nat Geo's Most Amazing PhotosSee more about Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos

Leo Eaton wrote the Secret Voices and Tusked Titans episodes for this multi-part series that follows the world’s most renowned photographers as they scale 100-metre redwood trees, chase fierce thunderstorms for the perfect lightning strike and record endangered cultures before they disappear forever. Whether diving deep in Arctic waters to find a feeding walrus or venturing into a terrorist hothouse where the risk of kidnapping is high, photographers on assignment for National Geographic magazine push their physical abilities, emotional endurance and creative powers to the limit.

Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature

Kratt Brothers: Be the CreatureSee more about Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature

26 prime-time hours for the National Geographic Channel, where Chris & Martin Kratt live “up close & personal” with a particular animal to discover what it’s like to ‘be the creature’ in each one-hour episode. Season One explored the lives of animals such as leopards, anacondas, Komodo dragons and orangutans, with Season Two visiting Alaskan brown bears, elephant-killing lions, orcas and chimpanzees, among others. Leo Eaton Executive Produced.


ZoboomafooSee more about Zoboomafoo

(Seasons one & two) – 65 half-hours in which Chris & Martin Kratt join that leaping lemur Zoboomafoo on PBS’s Emmy-award winning pre-school series. Combining CGI, claymation, original wildlife filming around the world, along with incredible animals who visit the Kratts & Zoboomafoo in their Animal Junction home base, ZOBOOMAFOO broke new ground for children’s nature shows and has been shown around the world. Leo Eaton co-created the series (with Chris & Martin Kratt) and executive produced for Paragon Entertainment (Season One) & Cinar (Season Two).